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We can help you develop a data-driven performance market strategy for social ads.

Performance marketing is becoming an integral part of any effective strategy. More companies are recognizing its strengths and embracing it. It’s no surprise that products and services can be promoted via social media channels just as well as through search engine optimization on Google search engine. It is still very successful. Your target audience can be reached via Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms with highly targeted advertising that addresses their specific needs.

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We’d be delighted to demonstrate how it works and give you more details. For a complimentary consultation about how to best use performance marketing in your business, please contact us. Media Factory can help you with any questions related to performance marketing, including creating and implementing a comprehensive and long-term strategy from top to bottom, as well as creating and implementing campaigns and optimizing your website pixels.

Are your campaigns running but not producing the desired results? This is also a problem. It is possible to get to the root of the issue, identify the problem and then solve it. This is not just about paid social media advertising. Performance marketing refers to campaigns that are optimized for the product, channel, and target group.

Our Performance Marketing and Social Media Ads Services!

Attract Customers or Prospects

We attract customers and attain their attention with responsive services.

Engage Audience

Our skilled and competent staff members engage the potential audience.

Move people in sales funnels

We help customers to move people in sales funnels to increase the social network.

Performance-Driven Services

Our target is to offer eye-catching and performance-driven services to make you a brand.

High-Quality Results

We deliver high-quality results and focus on increasing the business community.

Monthly Reporting

We prepare analytical reports to satisfy clients about our complete month performance.


It’s easy to see why Facebook Ads are so effective. They allow you to track your target audience and place ads for your products and services there with maximum success. No matter if you are looking to increase your client base or reach people who already have interacted with your brand, you will reap the benefits of increased sales and transparency. These numbers will show you how effective your ads were. This is a great way to see how successful your ads were. In the first quarter of 2022, Facebook had around 2.93 billion active users and was estimated to generate approximately 70 billion US dollars worth of advertising revenue. There is a lot of potentials here that you should not lose sight of.


Since 2012, Instagram has been a part of the Facebook Universe. This is a huge advantage in performance marketing, as Instagram allows for comprehensive targeting. Facebook has become an indispensable platform for campaigns. Instagram is a great platform for performance marketing, as it has an advertising revenue of $20 billion US dollars. This makes Instagram a clear choice over YouTube, proving once again the importance and value of social ads.


Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are primarily focused on B2C communication. LinkedIn is the best platform for marketing products and services to the B2B market. LinkedIn Ads allow you to target your advertising based on industry, position, and knowledge. This is an effective way to reach business customers.

Twitter Advertising

Admittedly, Twitter is a popular social media platform used worldwide by entrepreneurs. Whether it’s direct selling or branding, the platform offers some unique targeting options that you won’t find on any other channel, and while not widespread, it is particularly prevalent in some industries. Twitter is particularly effective and profitable in the area of advertising for business customers. We would be happy to tell you more about it in a personal conversation. Let’s connect with our ad specialists to launch your ad campaign!

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