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Visual communication

One focus of our daily work is visual communication, i.e. design - across media and channels. Meaningful visuals and a brand-compliant and consistent design form the indispensable basis of successful communication. With our art director and design team, we develop your unique internal and external appearance.

Digital and print - everything from a single source: Do you need a comprehensive corporate design, including logo design, development of flyers and posters or the complete design and preparation of annual reports? Media Factory is at your side - with the competence and creativity for attention-grabbing and individual design.

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Shine on all channels
Appearing as a unit both internally and externally is the core objective of corporate design. You could also say: The corporate design represents the core of your appearance. It creates credibility and trust, recognition and profile. We ensure a uniform visual appearance on all your channels, make your brand unmistakable and in this way lead you to even greater success.
From branding to marketing

Make a brand out of a company? With well thought-out, uniform branding and a high recognition value, this is not a problem. From the company name, logo, design, advertising, packaging of your products and their marketing to your employees’ business cards and your annual reports: the integration of all your marketing and communication measures creates a consistent corporate image. In this way, your brand not only gets a permanent place in the minds and hearts of your customers, but also in those of your employees.

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Implement vision

What is the optimal visual design of the user interface of your website, what impression should your company make on users, and how are your branding and corporate design integrated in the best possible way? We at Media Factory are passionate about answering these questions and design the control elements of your applications intuitively, efficiently and creatively. The result: maximum ease of use and an optimal and emotionally appealing interaction between the user and your company. This is what our experts for user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) stand for.


Why should I hire a design agency?

A design agency can simplify your life and help you save money. Our industry knowledge and experience will allow you to find the right solution for your business. It will also help you avoid costly mistakes and unneeded fees that can be associated with creative projects. We will also  develop custom solutions to meet your needs.

What is the branding design process?

Branding encompasses everything, from the brand concept, name, logo design, and color selection to font and color selection. Your company’s brand is the core of everything you do. We take the time to get to know your industry and business to develop a brand that reflects your company.

What is the process for a website redesign?

A website redesign usually involves creating a new design and optimizing content for the new layout. This may involve switching content management systems.

What type of graphic design services are you offering?

This is a crucial question that must be answered. Many clients don’t have any experience with graphic design and are looking for services. You can also help them find a specific service. This allows you to show your expertise and avoid wasting time with leads who don’t really need the services your company offers.

If my design project is finished, How do i receive it?

After receiving the final payment, your project will be completed. We will send you the electronic files via e-mail, dropbox, or CD upon your request. For any future updates or in case you lose your original, we keep a copy on file.

Next level free strategy sessions.

Step 1: Tell Us What You've Done

You will walk our account management expert through your business, your goals, and any advertising you currently have running or have had running in the past.

Step 2: We will audit your account

We will audit your campaigns and let you know any weak points that we find.

Step 3: We'll give you plan for the future

We will present you with a strategy on how to increase performance in your campaigns, or campaigns we believe you should be running

Our approach as your design agency in lahore, Pakistan. 


We need to gather all the ingredients before we can start making the magic happen. Our first meeting, the Discovery Meeting, is where we will get to know each other and learn about your company. Together, we'll discuss the scope of the project and establish the timeline and other expectations.


The next step is a bit like Sherlock Holmes, but without the pipe or deerstalker. This involves some detective work. You will need to gather clues about your competitors, identify your target audience, study your industry, and compile information that's relevant to your project. We'll then analyze the results and share it with you to help you run your business more effectively. You can be sure that we will be a formidable duo when combined.



Here is where we get creative and start to sketch. Conceptualization includes strategy, theme and design, as well as text. Our team will look at many angles and directions and then begin to work on the visual details of your project. We will focus on form, colors and shapes as well as text, if necessary. After the project has been reviewed by our team, we will give you an overview of the direction we are heading to make sure we have hit the mark.

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Once the concept has been approved, it is time to make your vision a reality. This phase will see us implement design, assess usability, refine details and make final adjustments. Our creative team will review your project several times to ensure that it passes through rigorous testing and final adjustments before it can be released. It's all worth it once it's finished.


Although this is the final stage, it is the first step to bigger and better results. This phase answers the crucial question "now what?" We'll meet with you to discuss the next phase of your project and the best ways to continue growing and evolving with your company's marketing efforts. You'll always get what you want with our team of experts by your side.



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