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Facebook continues to be the top social platform, with more than 3.5 billion monthly active users through 2022. According to Forbes, Facebook users typically spend 59 minutes per day on the Facebook app. Companies around the world advertise on social networks to boost their brand's visibility and expand their customer base and the main reason for this is the high predictability rate and the reasonable cost of social media advertising. This is where Facebook Ads Agency for eCommerce plays its part.

You must use all available avenues to the full extent to remain competitive in the long run.

Although experienced marketers may appear to make it simple, implementing effective Facebook and Instagram campaigns requires a broad array of expertise that range from marketing sales psychology to the technical abilities as are necessary for operating the platform.

The most effective way to limit the chance of wasting money on Facebook Ads is to hire a Facebook Ads Agency for e-commerce that is experienced in working with eCommerce-related businesses. You must ensure that you are getting the highest return on your marketing investment on Facebook and Instagram.

Benefits of Facebook Ads for Ecommerce Store

It is predictable

After running ads for a while, you will start to look at the trends on a monthly and quarterly basis which allows you to forecast future growth for your business. These trends and insights are not easy to attain. You need to have a well-thought campaign plan and campaign structure for your Facebook Ads.

It is easily scalable

After running Facebook Ads for some time, you arrive at your cost per acquisition. It is possible to multiply similar results on a grander scale. For instance, if you invest Rs.100,000 and receive the equivalent of Rs.400,000 in sales, you could reinvest the same amount to earn Rs.1,600,000 in sales. 

Getting to this point requires constant testing, ongoing Facebook advertising improvement, and continuous monitoring ads performance. 

It is controllable

If your product is unavailable, or there's some logistical issue or a problem with your supplier, you can reduce your spending until the issues are resolved. So you can avoid unhappy customers and remain in line with the production volume.

It is performance-based​

If you run advertising on Radio, TV, in newspapers, etc., it is possible to quantify the revenue increase; however, you won't know for certain what the copy/offer/creative that brought the sales. Facebook tracking lets us assign sales with a high degree of accuracy, which means that we can continuously improve the advertisements that work to enhance them even more.

5 Reasons to Hire a Specialized Facebook Ad Agency For Ecommerce

1. Get the most efficient campaigns right from the start.

It's difficult to figure out which ads are effective when you're new to managing Facebook ads every day. This could result in the loss of a significant amount of ad spend due to incorrect ad type or incorrect use of a custom audience. Employing a Facebook Advertising Agency that's focused on eCommerce will ensure that your ads are created in the right way from the beginning. You'll be able to get rid of hours of testing by having your advertisements designed and written by a team who works with eCommerce store every day.

Facebook ads agency for ecommerce
social media marketing agency in Lahore, Pakistan

2. Find relevant insights and ideas to help you improve your offering.

The most important aspect of an advertisement is the incentive in the background. However good you are in the art of optimizing and testing weak offers or poor position will stop your social media ads from achieving their goals. Our marketing team will provide useful suggestions about how to position and structure your offer in a way that it's appealing to the people who view it. This means that you'll see an increase in conversion rates as well as the CTR as well as that of the online shop's conversion rates.

3. Apply tested Facebook advertising strategies within the proper context

While there are many tried and tested Facebook marketing techniques, not all of them will work for your company. Every product, each customer, and each selling process is different. Facebook Ads Agency can assist you in building an effective sales funnel and then optimize it by studying your competition, and target market and building audiences. In this way, they will be able to refine your advertising copy and marketing messages and apply the appropriate strategies at the right moment.

social media marketing agency in Lahore, Pakistan
social media marketing agency in Lahore, Pakistan

4. Increase Facebook ads budget while still making money

The majority of Facebook advertisers are faced with the challenge of scaling their ads. It is common that as you increase budgets, the profitability decreases. The same advertising that was successful at a lower scale simply doesn't work at a greater scale. In order to effectively improve your eCommerce ad campaigns, it's essential to maximize what's the LTV (lifetime value ) of your customers. By understanding the lifetime value of the customers, you will be able to optimise each level in the customer journey and eventually convert them into commercial customers. With Media Factory at your side, you will be able to create profitable ads that can scale your business. We've built a system that helps us in the process of gathering data and assists us in filtering out the most likely audience, copy, and creative combinations, which have been demonstrated to be effective at large.

5. High converting copy, written by copy writing experts. 

Copywriting can either make or break a Facebook ads campaign. A copywriting piece that is highly effective is thoroughly researched, in tune with the needs of the audience, and utilizes the correct way of writing based on the specific context. A lot of businesses don't realize the benefits of well-written copywriting.

social media marketing agency in Lahore, Pakistan

Growing eCommerce sales with Facebook ads isn't Rocket Science.

Right team can make your business profitable in 3 months. 

Removing risk and ensuring sales for your eCommerce store.

Our aim at Media Factory is to become the best eCommerce advertising agency in Pakistan, by being transparent, quality oriented and effective in advertising. 

We’ve taken the risk off our clients by switching towards a flat-fee plus price based on performance. We’re confident that sales will grow and we will grow with you.

Converting your eCommerce store into a money-making machine

Every business requires a reliable advertising strategy that it is possible to spend only $1 and get $3, $2, or even $10 in return. Without a proper strategy, it’s difficult to expand your operations and forecast sales volume.

Every client of Media Factory uses a system for customer acquisition specifically designed for their requirements which means that every dollar you invest receives a return of 3x-10x. With this level of certainty, you’ll be able to expand your business according to the speed you are most comfortable with.

Your order fulfilment team will get busy in a few days

The rapid growth of sales generating from Facebook advertising is often the cause for our clients to be in a position to not keep pace with the dramatic growth.

The increase in sales and profits occurs because of the growing cold targeting budget and becoming known names with past customers, thereby making your team of product fulfilment active within a few days.

Facebook Ad Creatives That Converts

  • It is not a secret that a significant portion of your success will depend on your advertising creatives. The ads you create must be tailored for what platform is being used to run advertising. Each platform comes with distinct characteristics and guidelines to consider.

  • There are multiple types of creatives that can be used when it comes to advertising for an eCommerce stores. 
  • The principal goal of these creatives is to assist you in reaching more customers and catching their attention. This requires using each platform's features to the best possible extent.

  • You want images that draw attention in their newsfeeds, as well as a short video that showcases your product's features in action with compelling text that can get them to click.

Creativity that drives sales for Online Stores

  • Our team is always making lists of innovative eCommerce designs that have proven to be successful using Facebook ads.
  • Facebook advertising platform. This allows us to build an enormous database of information which all our clients will benefit from.
  • We'll help you understand precisely what content assets you have to develop to begin.

Ad Copy Designed for eCommerce

  • Because of the complexity of Facebook Advertising, you can't just put your brand's name or advertisement in the title of the advertisement and hope for a spectacular outcome.
  • The advertisement copy must be carefully thought-out as well as written in a manner that appeals directly to the people you want to reach, which brings us to our previous point of being aware of who your target potential customers are.
  • We've got a collection of formulas for effective ads which will help you create a picture of your brand that customers will be able to remember and enjoy seeing. 

Our Ecommerce Scaling Process

The Essential Analysis, Research & Copywriting

Before investing any money in your social media marketing, we prepare the ground by undergoing a process known as Essential Analysis, Research, and Copywriting which helps us acquire a thorough understanding of your business as well as your competitors, real metrics, and the ideal client. During this analysis, we will also examine your sales processes to identify any issues and work to address these as quickly as we can. It will also help us increase your advertising budget and return on investment.

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advertising agency for ecommerce media factory

Iteration Blueprint

Once we've got a thorough knowledge of your business, industry, customer persona and competitors, we'll begin developing the initial structure of your ads campaign (this is completed within 5 to 10 days after the time you sign up). Once the first version is accepted by you, we upload it to your Facebook ad account. Iteration Blueprint starts when we begin to collect data about the things that are working/not working. By analyzing this data, we will be able to conduct quantitative analyses that support the next steps, and we'll be able to begin making new iterations more efficient and scalable. As we implement The Iteration Blueprints, we're creating your own structured traffic funnel, which guides potential customers on the right path, with the goal of the customer making the purchase.

Quantum Growth Machine

After re-testing and reiterating using the data that we've gathered, we'll hone in on your ideal customer and understand what is triggering them to make a purchase. In this stage, we'll have the data and indicators to predict the most profitable ROAS (return on investment in advertising) and have the confidence to increase the amount of advertising. 

Optimise your eCommerce Sales with Facebook Ads Agency

Reduce CPMs, increase CTR and Improve ROAS

We can lower your CPMs, boost CTRs, and ROAS by focusing on following areas:

Competitor Analysis

Understand what type of ads are performing in your industry

Analysis of Ad Account

We conduct an in-depth audit of your ad account to find out if there are any low-hanging fruits that you may have missed technically. 

Website Optimization

The third step is to look at the issues (and potential opportunities) on your website. Discovering where your customers are abandoning your eCommerce website results in a lower conversion rate.

Using this information in advertising campaign helps us optimise for the highest number of conversions and reduce cost per conversion. 

Stay up-to-date with Facebook Ads developments with our Facebook Ads experts

By working with various types of businesses in Pakistan and across the Globe, we have attained necessary and advanced level knowledge of every aspect of Facebook ads, including strategies to increase ROAS (return on advertising spend) to specific design designs that work to conversions on Facebook or Instagram. We are aware of the best strategies as we test each strategy extensively with brands prior to implementing them. So when we offer a suggestion, we can guarantee it is likely of achieving.

If you are not happy with your current Digital Marketing agency, or you would like to find out what we can do to improve, Contact us to schedule a FREE consultation. We'll spend the time to learn about your company's needs and discuss ways we can help in improving your profits.

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